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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 17, 2010 4:30am-5:00am PST

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we're off to a cool and foggy start so we'll start with rob and the hour-by-hour forecast. >> you mentioned the cool temperatures. oakland one of the warm spots at 46 degrees. let's show you some of the other temperatures. 44 in livermore, 38 up towards fairfield. with clear skies and light winds, we do have patches of fog around parts of the tri-valley. in the north way for now no rain-producing clouds but those are edging closer from the north. we'll see a cooler day in the east bay. highs in the -- back into the 60s around alameda and richmond. we're seeing a bit of a cooldown today. more cooling tomorrow and raindrops back in for friday and the weekend. we'll have a full look at those changes in the forecast in a few minutes. typhoid mike joins us. the producers are a little panicked because i'm going to go off script. i did your job, as did lower avmt we can read computer screens but what the viewers are getting out of you honestly, and
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this is a dead serious compliment, is context. we can say it's slow and we're so glad you're back. >> thank you very much. thanks for holding down the fort while we held in the fort at home. oakland 880, the coliseum, traffic is light but we're looking for construction, scheduled construction on the northbound 880 on-ramp from high street. don't see any active lights but i'll show you on the map where it's supposed to be happening and this may affect a little north of there. no problems for 880 for that area and 580 equally as smooth. you can see the speed sensors. and then back on 580 through livermore there's scheduled construction from airway to hacienda. you might find one or two lanes blocked but not a big issue at this point in the in the morning. the search is on for the person who shot a 21-year-old man outside a convenience store in antioch. christie smith is live on that
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scene with more on what police say happened. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. antioch police are still here on scene this morning. we're watching them take measurements and still collect evidence, trying to piece together exactly how this happened after a 21-year-old man was shot and killed outside a convenience store. there are evidence markers over by the exit there. police received a call just before 9:00 last night to buchanan road and gentrytown. when officers arrived they found a 21-year-old man suffering from gunshot wounds. paramedics came, tried to save him but it was too late. there was also apparently a passenger in the car who wasn't injured and was able to give police suspect information, although they're not releasing that yet this morning. they do say it appears the suspect was on foot when he opened fire and then he ran away. police say they're not investigating this as
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gang-related, but it does appear that it was personal and they are asking witnesses to come forward. reporting live in antioch, christie smith, "today in the east bay." also new this morning, teachers in oakland have given their union the go ahead to call a strike, at least in theory. however, the move is mostly spolic. fewer than 15% of union members actually voted. union leaders say while the workforce is angry, a strike is not looming. teachers are concerned about pay and benefits. now, what you're seeing is video from earlier this year when the school board voted to impose a contract on the teachers union without any raises or increases. teachers reacted with this one-day strike back in april, demanding raises and smaller class sizes. there is, the district pointed out, no money left. a well-known east bay church will announce it's getting more money to help violence in oakland and richmond.
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strangely it comes a day after a woman was shot and killed. t now on to a terrifying story out of newark. police hope newly released surveillance video of a robbery will help nab men who terrified parents and children. the three men rushed in with masks. they had guns as well. this is at the chuck e. cheese saturday night around 10:00. kids and parents were still inside playing games and eating. i believe the person you're seeing here has not been injured but rather is cowering. the video showing several groups of frightened parents holding children. police say the robbers herded 40 people into a storeroom. by the time police arrived they were gone. as you can see they were wearing masks so police don't have much of a description to go on. the oakland mayor, who was known for cancelling appearances, has cancelled his last appearance as mayor.
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he will release his state of the city report online today. today had been billed as a final state of the city address. the city staff had been working for weeks gathering information about accomplishments during his four years in office. the report and a video will instead be posted to the city's website. meantime oakland's soon-to-be mayor making headlines all over the world. there could be a lot of pressure for the mayor to live up to. >> reporter: dr. kong vu is excited about mayor-elect jean quan. >> a new person to be the mayor of oakland. charles chan is the spokesperson for the chinese chamber of commerce. >> many people did not believe she could become the mayor and she's so determined. >> reporter: that determination paid off. she is the first chinese american and woman to be elected mayor of a major u.s. city.
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chan says he is hoping she can position herself to bring more business from china to the port of oakland. >> the relationship will be a great one. she will be promoting international trade and also promoting the international relationship. >> reporter: and that, he says, will be great for a city in desperate need of jobs. business owners bike nathan walden says she has a lot of work to do. >> she's going to have to work hard to get the budget straightened up. but she has a great city to work with. people are inspired here. it's diverse, it's a great place to live and work and it's a great place to own a business. >> reporter: cherl hurd, today in the east bay. meg whitman's housekeeper and her attorney are expected to meet with whitman or a whitman representative in the south bay. she is asking when itmitman for
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thousands of dollars in unpaid wages. afterwards the former maid and her attorneys will hold a news conference. the lead is growing for kamala harris for her race for state attorney general. she is now about 30,000 votes ahead of republican steve cooley. about 800,000 more ballots still need to be counted statewide by the end of the month, but many of those are in counties that harris carried on election day. now, if harris wins, she will become california's first female and first african-american state attorney general. thanksgiving is ten days away. many families, that means rushing to get ready for the season but for many of our friends and neighbors, they'll go without unless they get a helping hand. the kind the food bank is happy to lend. brad halladay never thought he'd be in a position to need their help but found himself without a job this past february.
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>> i used to think people standing in the food bank lines were all the people who were too lazy to go out and get a job or what other circumstances there might be, but i found out that a lot of people in line were just like me, someone who needed a helping hand at the moment, that could stand on their own feet normally but right now we just needed a hand. >> brad says the help he got from the food bank helped him get back to where he needs to be. you can help thousands of people like brad this coming saturday. just head to your neighborhood safeway. donate a turkey to the food banks of the bay area and meet your favorite nbc bay area news personality. help us and hunger saturday at your local safeway. mike inouye, i always think that's a funny word. personality, it doesn't mean a good personality exactly. >> there you go. we at least have personalities. let's go out to the roadways where we have roads and some construction. northbound on-ramp -- bird
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avenue on-ramp to southbound 280 some construction scheduled for another few minutes. northbound 101 at tully road, that's there but it's there because brent cannon told me about it as he passed by the area. here are your travel times. a good reference, about 6:30, 7:00 is things start to slow down. >> all right, mike. thank you much. and rob mayeda joins us with more weather. >> good morning, scott. pretty nice start to the morning. you'll want a nice coat, none of those light coats. temperatures are in the 30s and low 40s. concord 44 degrees, probably dropping into the 30s before sunrise. a cool start. some patches of fog. you're finding that up around the north bay this morning. hazy sunshine for the afternoon and still on schedule for friday, the first of many opportunities of seeing some rain. right now that rain is up on the north coast but this is a much cooler pattern settling in. some of that cooling you'll start to see today. highs inland one more day.
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we'll see 70s. starting tomorrow we'll be in the 60s and eventually the 50s this upcoming weekend. as you look at your east bay seven-day forecast, notice those temperatures dropping off. a chance of some rain showing up friday. then air cold enough for snow near 3,000 feet for sunday with scattered showers and highs low to mid-50s into early next week. pressure mounts for alcoholic energy drink companies. just ahead, the government moves in to ban popular drinks like four loco, calling them unsafe and illegal. and tired eyes and blurry vision not from booze, but from work. you're looking at a live picture of the bay bridge, it is 4:41. reporting what matters to you, you're watching "today in the east bay" with scott mcgrew, and traffic with mike inouye. 3q experts from a leading consumer publication recently tested automatic dishwashing detergents. they rated finish quantum number 1, beating cascade. try finish quantum for amazing clean and shine.
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it's 4:44. it's going to be a warmish day in the east bay but rob says big changes are ahead. meanwhile does the talk of global warming make you more careful about the environment or just upset you? a psychologist says warnings about the potentially devastating consequences of global warming threaten some people's internal view of the world as a safe, stable and fair place. so, he says, people dismiss information that threatens their beliefs. therefore, some people who respond to warnings of global warming do so badly with cutting
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back actually on their plans to go green. rob, i know you've been sounding the alarm, but apparently there are some people who react in the exact opposite way. >> yeah, people will tune those things out. i guess maybe folks will not appreciate the fact we're talking about the cooling temperatures and rain coming up this weekend. you may not choose to believe it but you'll get caught in it if you have weekend plans. 30s and 40s outside this morning. 39 in novato, 38 in gilroy. you may notice some patches of fog around the east bay and north bay valleys this morning. on the radar scan things are dry for now but the big cooling changes still appear in the gulf of alaska. that's going to spill our way come late tomorrow and friday. in the meantime hazy sunshine, mostly 70s inland for one more day. soak it up while you can, it's going away, especially by the weekend. mid-60s san francisco, upper 60s around oakland today, low 70s across the east bay and tri-valley locations today. here comes that cooling trend. you may want to tune it out, i
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guess, but it's coming. you see temperatures in the 50s saturday and sunday and cold enough air for our first taste of fall snow on our bay area mountaintops as you wrap up the weekend. now a very deep voice, mike inouye, joins us with the traffic. >> well, there's a situation going on in berkeley that's actually -- we have just gotten word of police activity in berkeley, university avenue at shaddock. so cal berkeley may have an issue of folks trying to get there a little later on. of course it's very early so no major traffic flow and you're just diverted a block or two around that. meanwhile a new accident in san jose, 280 northbound at 17, a new accident at the interchange. traffic is able to get by so south bay so far is okay. i'll track that closely. back to you, scott. >> all right, mike, thank you much. new this morning, bp and its contractors ignore warning signs before the well explosion in the
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gulf, according to a new report released by a group of technical experts. they say bp failed to learn from, quote, near misses. it also concludes it may never be possible to figure out exactly what happened, because a lot of the evidence was lost when the rig sank. meanwhile for other news before the bell let's turn to courtney reagan live at cnbc world headquarters. >> reporter: futures slightly higher. investors are fretting over fresh debt crisis in europe, this time in ireland. eu officials weighing a possible bailout. commodity prices also sank on talk china could impose price controls to fight inflation. that's signs of a potential economic slowdown there. mcdonald's is already taking action, raising many prices in mainland china. we get data on consumer prices and housing staurgts of the target did beat the street reporting 74 cents per share. the dow fell 178 points tuesday
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dipping below 11,000 at certain points but closing at 11,023 which is where we open today. the nasdaq dropped four points to 2469. gm revs up the engine on its ipo which would be the world's largest ever. that's what we are on track for because gm increasing the number of shares it's selling to 478 million. pricing between $32 and $33 a share. that means it's going to raise about $22.6 billion. that is more than china in july. washington will still have a say over management decisions. gm will start trading tomorrow. >> all right, courtney. have you got tired eyes that won't focus? the cause could be your computer. what doctors call computer vision syndrome. >> a lot of people have multiple problems when looking at a computer screen. it could be a visual problem.
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i really can't see it, the screen is blurred. it could be a functional problem in that their eyes aren't working well together and that leads usually not to blur first but strain. >> experts say computer vision syndrome is easy to fix. oftentimes a matter of ergonomics. you can also get eyeglasses specific for computer that are not for reading up close but rather for computer use. they help you focus on the screen. wireless carriers are banding together to make sure your shopping life gets a little easier. verizon, at&t and t mobile calling the joint venture isis. special technology will allow users to wave their phone in front of a scanner to pay for goods and services. right now the feature isn't in all phones. they have special chips that have to be included or added. credit card companies are also working on designing similar
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features for their cards. and as if those free office perks like dry cleaning or something as small as a cup of coffee have been missing from your job, they could be on the way back. many companies cutting back on office perks during the recession, but business consulting firms say more companies plan to hand out items like holiday turkeys, gift certificates, even year-end bonuses this year. the first living medal of honor recipient since the vietnam war will be honored again today at the pentagon. staff sergeant salvatore giunta will be inducted into the hall of heroes. he was awarded yesterday for his courageous actions in afghanistan in 2007. the 25-year-old from iowa stepped into the line of fire to help two comrades and while under fire pulled a fellow soldier to cover, rescued another who was being dragged away by the enemy. today the government is expected to ban alcoholic drinks like four loko calling them
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unsafe. as tracie potts reports, one manufacturer may have beaten them to the punch. >> reporter: hours before the fda is expected to call their product unsafe, the maker of four loko announced it's taking caffeine out of the popular energy drink, call regulators difficult and -- they insist it is safe. >> we firmly believe that consumed legally by adult purchasers, we don't have the kind of problems that they're saying arise. >> reporter: they are saying the alcohol/caffeine combination is unsafe and the fda will warn they are illegal to market. trings like four loko contain as much alcohol as three or more beers plus the caffeine of a cup or more of coffee which experts say mask the alcohol. >> i tasted one, but yuck. >> my heart starts messing up,
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like skipping. i just feel like i'm on a drug. >> reporter: critics claim their products are being marketed to underage drinkers. they have become popular on college campuses. >> say to parents that's dangerous stuff and your kids won't know it's dangerous until they get into trouble. >> reporter: in washington state nine students were hospitalized last month. five states and some colleges have already banned it. in washington, tracie potts, "today in the the bay." a new study suggests men who drink heavily during their teen years are prone to impulsive behavior over time. researchers tracked 500 boys over a 20-year period and found significant increase in impulsive behavior when they drank a lot during their teen years. alcohol can significantly affect the development of the brain's prefrontal cortex. that's decision-making and behavior control. the study did find teens who stopped drinking heavily were able to control themselves over time. all grown up. we now want to take a look at what's ahead coming up later
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in the bay and for that we say good morning to brent cannon in the newsroom. good morning, brent. >> good morning, scott. thank you for joining us this morning. it is already costing a lot of drivers to get into san francisco from the north and the east bays. well, now there's a new plan that could mean a new toll for drivers heading into the city from the south. we'll take a closer look at that. and speaking of increased costs, expect protests and traffic jams around the uc board of regents meeting today at ucsf that's going on this morning. we'll see how much more you're going to have to pay to send your kids to college in california. those stories and a lot more coming up in just a few more minutes on "today in the bay." california is home to some of the best doctors in the world but when it comes to premature births, the state is not making the grade. the march of dimes gives the state a "c." they considered the number of uninsured women, the number of women who smoke and the number of preterm births.
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your belly fat may some day help your heart. dutch researchers say fat cells liposuctioned from a patient's stomach can be infused inside the heart to fix damage from a heart attack. in the study of 14 heart attack patients, it increased blood flow and improved the heart's ability to pump. larger, more diverse studies are needed. you can meet your favorite golden state warriors basketball play in oakland today. they're there for a food giveaway. they'll hand out holiday food baskets to more than 300 families. today's fifthaway starts at 3:00. police are searching for a person who shot a 21-year-old man outside a 7-eleven in antioch. christie smith has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: good morning to you. well, hours after the shooting, antioch police still have the parking lot closed off here at gentry town drive and buchanan.
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this is where a man was shot and killed. police still taking pictures this morning and collecting evidence. most of the evidence markers appear to be near the exit of the convenience store. calls started coming in before 9:00 last night. when antioch police arrived, they found a man suffering from gunshot wounds inside a car. paramedics arrived, they tried to save him, but it was too late. he is being identified this morning as an antioch resident, 21-year-old gregory flynn levi. now, there was a passenger in the car who talked to police, but they aren't releasing a suspect description just yet. they do say that the suspect was on foot and ran after the shooting. police are not investigating this as gang-related, but they do say that the killing appears to be personal. they are also asking for witnesses to come forward. in antioch, christie smith, "today in the east bay." well, if it seems like the
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men in your life are looking a little scruffy, you're not alone. an estimated 400,000 men are abandoning razors this month. this movement is a fund-raiser for prostate cancer. men start the month clean shaven and then grow a mustache for 30 days in november. they're asking for donations from friends and family to keep it all going. supporters say it works because, let's face it, it's a conversation starter. movember is expected to raise $65,000 for prostate cancer foundation. you can go to for more information. it's 4:56. just a week after learning they'll raise tuition by 15%, a local state college prepares to undergo a $90 million building project. find out how the school will pay for that. plus a series of anti-bullying films stirring up controversy in the east bay. why some parents are actually against these films. brent and laurat wn ai on bathe back side of this break. th
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new this morning, uc regents will meet in the bay area today to talk about raising tuition. angry students are lining up to make their voices heard. and the giants world series run and win not making one transit agency very happy. we'll tell you why, "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, r


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